Photo: Monk in Moldavia (Herman Kingma

On this web-site you find several links to various presentations that Raymond van de Berg and/or me gave and some links to

relevant publications, many together with our great Geneva friends. Enjoy and contact me in case of questions:


Herman Kingma

ENT Department, Maastricht University / MUMC+, The Netherlands

Faculty of Physics, Tomsk Research State University, Russian Federation

photo of a monk in Moldavia (Herman Kingma)

Some recent Lectures:

"What is the impact of vestibular function loss?"

"Physiology and Physics of the Vestibular System"

"Visual input and Oculomotor function related to Vestibular function"

"Somatosensory input related to Vestibular function"

"Central Vestibular Pathways"

"Inside in History taking in patients with vestibular disorders"


Some Key Publications: